Kimi Protect

Your safety, our priority.


The project is in the Alpha phase, for any error reports or suggestions, go to our discord server.

Reported user list

User ID Reason Warning level
505345400236933130 Raid Medium
503188975138373632 Raid Medium
506918100256423957 Raid Medium
523482508004950020 Raid Medium
522872816849125388 Raid Medium
372644629142700032 Advertising by private message Medium
506974815983239179 Raid organizer Medium
522507438671396864 Raid Medium
522504513345552385 raid Medium
522503545585401866 raid Medium
522502408996388895 raid Medium
522501793557774338 raid Medium
522500578534752257 raid Medium
518369947768979490 raid Medium
522523148323782670 raid Medium
522561485021642773 raid Medium
522560899219980315 Raid Medium
522560371626606593 raid Medium
522098964582105090 raid Medium
522558725005770762 Raid Medium
522558192199139374 raid Medium
522507794566479872 raid Medium
522506889666232322 Raid Medium
521024934693044235 Raid organizer High
522505033984770051 Spam Medium
522147774410784778 Raid Medium
519065636861902858 Nazism Medium
469938146453225486 Raid Medium
403249672187281409 Troll and raid Medium
236841813485289474 nazism Medium
442655116630294528 Troll and raid Medium
457522800526098434 Troll and raid Medium
513396856861229069 Raid organizer Medium
348145595568881664 Raid Medium
502212461005635604 Raid organizer Medium
271308972487606273 Creation of malicious discord bot (makes robots pass through good tools), destroying discord servers, raid organizer High
455330293394440212 Raid Medium
444531313249091594 Raid Medium
506911213452525600 Carding, sale of bank cards public/private messages Medium
421179956891090944 Political, religious, and racial discussions Medium
490086730129604609 Spam, raid and more High
444336784852254720 Add member of USS team Medium
414379454559944714 Spam Medium
422143903769034752 Hack Medium
492418107034435585 Raid and hack High
303075589097783296 Hack Medium
340613631811256321 Hack Medium
520374733930233913 Selfbot Medium
429989472122437632 Spotify, uplay, netflix, ... account theft Medium
497227767163781121 Creation of malicious discord robot, aimed at retrieving private information about users and destroying discord servers. Non-compliance with rules issued by discord, non-compliance with copyright,... High
501093197695680512 Spotify account theft Medium
448597023080316949 Repetitive spam and server raid Medium
433358180769333259 Repetitive spam and server raid Medium
426429030187663360 Theft and scam via sms High
326736782471462912 Repetitive spam Medium